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New beginnings

The wonderful thing about the yearly calendar is how many opportunities there are to start again. New year, new me. I’ll start it on Monday. From next month, it’s time for change. Years after you have left school, September still feels like an autumnal fresh start.

Springtime, however, is arguably the best time of all to begin again. The weather is shaking off the last of the winter, we start to see the sun again, big coats get put to the back of the wardrobe. For those observing, Lent comes to a close; for others this year, Ramadan begins. We’re awash with exciting local events in 2023, to get us out and about and enjoying the warmer weather. As ever, the Grand National is on the horizon, and 2023 sees Liverpool hosting Eurovision. Keeping up with the spirit of new beginnings, our neighbours at The Philharmonic are showcasing their youth company’s New Works Concert, a fantastic insight into the musicians of tomorrow.

A stay at Hope Street Hotel is an ideal setting to get set up for Spring. Our à la carte menu in The London Carriage Works echoes the season’s sentiments perfectly, with lots of fresh flavours that summon up the same feelings you get during a long walk outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Dishes like goats curd or lamb to start you off, leek or duck for your mains, broccoli and heritage carrots on the side, and plenty of fruit for your sweet fix -- strawberry tartlet, lemon posset, or perhaps a rhubarb pithivier. The good thing about eating the flavours of a Spring walk is that you can enjoy them sitting down in our lovely dining room, with the last of the sun’s rays catching our famous glass shards sculpture. It also means you can enjoy a glass (or bottle) of Nyetimber with your meal, something generally frowned upon during a country ramble.

Some of my favourite rooms in the hotel are located at its front, on Hope Street itself. Our Lounge Suites in our third (and newest) phase of extension have lovely balconies overlooking Hope Street which is particularly wonderful to enjoy after a nourishing meal from our Spring menu. The sun might be setting on the other end of the city, but the golden lights of The Philharmonic just over the road provide the perfect lighting for a reflective, relaxed mood that sets you up for a hibernation-like sleep in our big white beds.

Breakfast in 1931 can be as gluttonous or as light as you’d like it, whichever is more likely to set up for the day ahead. Personally I like to go for a cooked course to begin (piling more bacon on my plate than is maybe culturally acceptable, but the rules of a buffet are that you can indulge), and then a pastry course as a kind of early morning dessert.

After dropping your keys off at reception and storing your overnight luggage, it’s time to really put the spirit of new beginnings into action in our spa’s thermal journey. Hotel residents can, on either their day of check in or check out, add a two hour thermal journey on for a reduced price, something I’m sure to book in during every stay. A morning dip in our indoor pool is great for a proper wake up, followed by a sit down in our aromatherapy steam room and Himalayan salt spa that absolutely ensures you will feel like a new person. If you’ve gone a little heavy on the bubbles (drink version) the night before, the bubbles (jet version) in our outdoor vitality pool are there to undo the damage -- or at least, try to.

A good meal, a good sleep, a good breakfast and a good relax -- one of these can make you feel well, but all four can make you feel renewed. And what better time of year to do it?